Post Conviction relief procedures offer a mechanism for individuals to seek further review of their conviction for errors related to effective assistance of counsel, deprivation of constitutional rights, and additional DNA testing.  As these matters can potentially reverse a conviction, there are substantial procedural bars to obtaining relief and assistance of experienced post conviction counsel is imperative.


An individual has one year from the final order in the case to file for post conviction relief.  Delay in obtaining counsel and filing for relief can be fatal to even those issues which would otherwise provide relief.  Engaging the assistance of counsel as quickly as possible is critical to continuing to fight a wrongful conviction or sentence.


Ms. Zigtema has handled post conviction matters before the Court of the State of Kansas and the Federal Courts.  Ms. Zigtema’s method of investigating prior representation and the underlying offense, review of court proceedings, knowledge of the law and what is required for relief to be granted has resulted in relief for her clients including new trial, re-negotiations of plea agreements, and release from prison.


Zigtema Law Office offers initial consultations with family members or telephone conversations with incarcerated individuals to discuss the likelihood of relief, the costs of such action, and how to proceed to obtain relief from wrongful incarceration.