Juvenile Offender

Having your child be arrested or under investigation by law enforcement is incredibly stressful.  Whether related to an incident at home, at school or elsewhere, it is imperative that juveniles be represented by counsel as soon as possible in order to protect their rights and protect them from making further mistakes out of intimidation or ignorance of their rights and potential penalties.  Juvenile offender matters are not confidential or sealed from the public, and mistakes made early on may compromise your child’s future.


Ms. Zigtema has represented a number of juveniles before the District and Appellate Court of the State of Kansas from investigation through disposition.  Ms. Zigtema has represented individuals charged with drug offenses, theft, school related charges, and more serious offenses such as robbery, burglary and murder.  Ms. Zigtema also specializes in defending cases where the State seeks to charge and prosecute a child as an adult.


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Child in Need of Care

Investigations by law enforcement or the Department of Children and Family Services regarding allegation as to one’s ability to parent and care for their child are emotion and deeply personal.  It is critical to have the assistance of experience counsel as soon as possible to avoid further repercussions including removal of your children from your home and the State seeking to terminate your parental rights.


Child Welfare law is a morass of administrative agencies and subcontractors who have a multitude of limitations and obligations under state and federal law.  Working to protect your right to parent and care for your child is a complicated and time consuming action requiring the knowledge of not just state law, but the administrative policies and procedures related to child support, visitation, and the ability of these agencies to intrude on the lives of a family.  Successful negotiation of this convoluted system requires knowledgeable and skilled counsel.


Ms. Zigtema has represented scores of families in child welfare proceedings successfully.  Individuals who work with Ms. Zigtema and follow her advice have had their children remain in or returned to their home, and child in need of care proceedings dismissed.


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