DUI and Traffic Defense

Driving offenses, including DUI and other traffic charges, are no small matter.  These offenses can and do often result in jail time or loss of one’s ability to drive a vehicle lawfully.

Driving under the Influence is a complicated area of law involving one’s constitutional and statutory rights both in the criminal context and administratively related to one’s driver’s licenses.  Ms. Zigtema has the experience and the ability to assist you in resolving your DUI, minimizing any penalty including incarceration, fine and loss of driving privileges.  Contacting an attorney immediately after being arrested for DUI is critical to preserve your driver’s license and other rights.  Contact Ms. Zigtema to representation on your DUI today.

Other traffic matters may not be as serious as DUI, but resolving them with minimal impact to your driving record, insurance and pocketbook can be complicated.  Ms Zigtema handles traffic matters throughout Johnson County.  Contact Zigtema Law Office to discuss how to resolve your case today.